New Year's Eve 2011

Another year has come to an end.  How incredibly fast the years seem to be flying by.  We spent another new year's eve with our dear friends the Vaceks.  We have so much fun whenever we are with them and our children play so well together.  This year we decided to make some appetizers for dinner instead of a meal.  Craig made an amazing and very pretty ahi tuna sushi.  Oh my.  And being the kind person that he is, he even made some a little more...well done...for me!  They were outstanding!

I've had multiple people say to me it looks like you swallowed a basketball...during this pregnancy!  It's such a funny and rather strange comment to hear, but honestly, doesn't it look like there is a round, orange basketball nestled right in there?

Last year, as we sat around waiting for the new year, Craig commented on how he has wanted to make a new year's toast from their balcony.  This year, he did it.

The girls provided us with our own confetti drop from the balcony.  They spent a good chunk of time tearing up paper to dump on us!

We stayed until 12:30 and surprisingly, the kids were excellent.  Evelyn and Clare went to bed, but the rest of the crew stayed up and were going strong!  So I was thrilled when everyone slept in in the morning!  I was able to get up and set the table and make breakfast and have some quiet time to pray the rosary to start off a new year.

We have begun a tradition in our home over the last three years.  It's a memory box that throughout the year, I stash away notes, pictures the kids have drawn, sports tickets, trinkets, thank you cards...anything that I know I don't want to throw away, but don't know where else to put goes into the box.  No one sees it all year long.  So then on New Year's Day, after brunch, we open up the box and dig through all the treasures we forgot about throughout the year.  I also print off pictures throughout the year and stick them in as well. 

We always have a pineapple as part of our New Year's brunch.  Don't know how or why that got started, but they look forward to it.  Some of my most favorite traditions are ones that I have no idea how they got started! 
I wanted to make scrambled eggs and ham for brunch and since the house was quiet and we were in no rush, I decided to make the eggs what we call the slow way.  You cook the eggs on low heat while stirring and stirring away.  It takes forever!   It was, however,  the perfect amount of time to pray the rosary while standing at the stove.

I found really cheap calenders at the store and thought they would be perfect for the kids to write down important dates throughout the year, hang them by their beds, and cross off days.  I LOVE to sit down in front of a brand spanking new calender and begin to fill in birthdays, feast days, holidays, no school days, ect. 

Looking back is always fun. With great anticipation I'm looking ahead.   And being present in the moment is so important as life is flying by. 

Thank you dear Lord for another year of life.  Welcome 2012! 


Cynthia said...

You have such a beautiful family...and beautiful traditions! Love reading your blog ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the catch-all box idea for each year.

I can't get over how round your bump is. When is your due date again? Praying for you!

Kristi said...

uh...tomorrow!!! but i'm not holding my breath about meeting him then...given my track record!!