When You're Tired of Cereal...

I was tired this morning.  For some reason, getting up at 5am is no problem when I am going to work out.  But when I have to get up with a child, even though it was at the same time when I'd be getting up to work out, I was so tired.  George had a fever this morning which brought us downstairs to the couch to lay together.  We both fell back asleep and when I got up I was still tired.  One of those mornings.  I asked the kids to make their own breakfast, or maybe they just took it upon themselves since the cereal stash has been consumed mostly by me...I can't quite remember.  I just know that when I looked into the kitchen, a flurry of cooking was going on. 

I love that our children like to cook.  It makes me feel like I have indeed taught them something.  For some reason, the messes that get made in the kitchen don't bother me like the ones around the house. 

And even though the breakfast making extravaganza ended up with a plate being knocked off the counter and breaking into one thousand pieces...it's still worth it to me.   And I got to sit on the couch and rest while little ones were being fed. 

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