A Sunny Saturday

It was so good to see and feel the warm sun today.  To get to go outside and mull around was therapeutic.  I forget that when winter hits and its cold and snowy outside and dark by 5:00...how much we miss getting outside.  How much I miss sitting on our front porch rocking chairs, watching the kids play.  How much energy they can release by running outside.

The sun and warmer weather beckoned us to come out.  TJ got to work hanging some cedar greenery that I have always wanted!  I love how the real stuff looks, and I felt so "Little Womenish" when I saw it hanging on our porch.  I love to watch the movie Little Women and see how they decorated their home in that time period.

Wrong holiday, Bev.

TJ felt the urge to wash the vehicles, which in turn inspired me to vacuum out Sherman.  To those of you with children, is there anything more disgusting than cleaning out a vehicle that houses children who eat, color, drink, read, in them?  Not to mention the snotty Kleenex, remnants of food, and the who knows what that has dropped off from their shoes.  Seriously, in one week Sherman can get just down right nasty.  It was time for a good cleaning.

TJ was even able to persuade Thomas to let him buzz his long hair.

And these are my new favorite.  I must be craving grapefruit because I eat them like crazy.  No sugar.  


Staci said...

Mmmm. Grapefruit. I started eating them (sugar free, for the first time in my life) while pregnant with Ruth, and have never gone back. I even started cutting them in wedges more like oranges to make them easier to eat while I was at work :).

Renee said...

I bought the cedar garlands to decorate inside, but they made me sneeze, darn it.
So they've been sitting on the porch swing waiting to be hung outside... yours look so lovely, I think I'm going to remind Phil that it's not too late to get them hung on the porch.