Saint Nicholas Morning

The past few years, we have begun a fun tradition in our home.  St. Nicholas Day is celebrated on December 6th and so we lay out our stockings the night before, waiting for St. Nicholas to come the next morning!  Many people lay their shoes out, but we do our stockings and lo and behold, when we wake up, they are filled with all kinds of goodies from dear St. Nicholas!

The kids wander downstairs whenever they wake, Thomas was the first one up at 5:15, so I wasn't able to get any pictures of him opening his stocking...geesh, what an early bird!  They have always found a pomegranate, and gold chocolate coins inside their stockings, and this year electric toothbrushes, tights for the girls, cars, a game for the wii, lip gloss, and even a chocolate orange were inside as well!

We also celebrate by having a big brunch.  The table is set and we feast on a candy cane cherry roll, and our favorite egg bake and hot chocolate.  I could eat this way every morning for breakfast.

George kept asking me all day if it was still St. Nicholas Day.  He said it was his best day.  He spent the majority of it on the floor playing with his new cars and trains. 

Staying up late the night before getting everything ready, is always worth it the next morning when I get to see their surprise and excitement.  St. Nicholas, pray for us! 

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