Merry Christmas

What a merry Christmas this year was!  All the preparations and advent traditions are now done, and now it is time to celebrate Christmas for twelve more days!!

We always go to Christmas Eve Mass, then over to the Casadys for a fabulous lasagna dinner and present opening.  The kids look so forward to this part!

It 's funny to me that TJ has sat in that same chair EVERY Christmas that I've known him.  Those aren't his glasses in case you're wondering!

Bev wearing her new Christmas eve jammies.  Every year I get the kids a new warm pair of jammies that they get to open on the way to grammy's house.

Christmas morning at our house.  I was shocked when Thomas was the first one to wake us up and it was already 6:40.  I was preparing for a much earlier start time!

Please excuse this picture of me and my darling bed head....but my lovely family got me my very own Bob and Jillian workout video with a kettle bell.  I really do love the Biggest Loser.  I can't help it.

Christmas morning at my parents house.  Dad is usually Santa and hands out our presents.  Mom makes a wonderful brunch.  And now we get to Skype with Megan who just moved to Nicaragua.  It's unbelievable to me that we can instantly see where she is living, and the ocean that is thousands of miles away.  We missed having her here, but was enjoying her Christmas morning of 80 degrees.  

Our new cousin Dominic's first Christmas

And I get the bonus gift this year...our new baby.  The anticipation of meeting him so soon is all I pretty much think about.  I hope you all have a wonderful and merry Christmas!

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