Here we are at Advent.  The beautiful season where we prepare for Christ's birth.  We're also preparing to have a new little one in the next month or so....I can't believe we will get to meet him here soon!

There are so many traditional advent practices that we do in our home to really try and prepare ourselves for Jesus to be born.  We light our Advent wreath and read a daily meditation at dinner time.

We hang an ornament every morning on our Jesse tree while singing O Come O Come Emmanuel....

And to help us prepare ourselves even more, I made a December countdown.  On the back of each day is an act of kindness that we try and do throughout the day.

I love Christmas music.  I have such good memories of when I was little, eating breakfast along with the Carpenters singing I'm dreaming of a white Christmas....from the boombox sitting on the kitchen counter.  The Carpenters, Mannheim Steam Roller and Bing Crosby are some of my favorites from my childhood.  I love to have it playing throughout the day while we read our Christmas books.

The other evening as we were waiting for TJ to come home from work, I took a good look around at everyone and soaked in the momentary peace.  Evelyn was reading Christmas books, Thomas and Annie were at the counter drawing the nativity scene, and George was driving his trains around on the floor.  Bing was belting out Silent Night.... it was warm and cozy in our house at that moment.

Making gingerbread play dough...

It's this season that our home is the most warm and cozy.  Candles burning, Christmas music playing, goodies baking in the oven....

Speaking of goodies, we are huge Biggest Loser fans in this house.  It's the one show that we watch religiously and even let the kids stay up on Tuesday nights to watch it with us.  I got a recipe from the show the other night for cupcakes that are only 100 calories.  Bonus! I thought.  I made them for an after school snack the other day and when Thomas came home he was so excited to try one.  The look on his face a mere moment later said it all.  They were terrible.  Worse then terrible.  Oh, they looked beautiful and healthy, but there is just something about sugar...lots of sugar, during this baking season that can't be replaced by a measly 100 calorie cupcake.

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Cynthia said...

Kristi- I know I've said this before, but I'll say it again...I just love your blog. Such beautiful pictures and such wonderful traditions your family has. Someday...maybe, I will be just as crafty on "on it." :)

I wouldn't put any money down on that bet...but it's worth saying out loud!