Thanksgiving week is full of traditions.  After eleven Thanksgivings with TJ, we have meshed together a lovely week of traditions both old and new.  From some of the foods we ate at our Thanksgivings as children, from ideas that other families have done, and new ones that we have begun as a family.  I think tradition is the glue that holds a family together.  It's what you look forward to with every season change and every holiday. The memories that flow from doing the same things year after year are what I hold onto and cherish so.

Something we have begun as our own family is to make pies and deliver them to people we are thankful for, the day before Thanksgiving.  The Sunday before, we get up early and make all the pie crusts to stick in the freezer.  This year it was fourteen pies!

During the week, we'll make a pie here and there until all are done.  We made pecan, TJ's pumpkin dessert that I turned into a pie, and cherry.  Not the cherry pie from a can, oh no.  I can't stand that thick, gloppy cherry pie filling.  Tart frozen cherries made the most wonderful pie ever!  I saved that one for our own Thanksgiving dinner and ate about half the pie myself.

We delivered pies to our beloved Pink Sisters who are cloistered nuns that live right here.  They pray all day, and we are so blessed to have them so close.  Our Bishop, George's godfather who also was celebrating his birthday, the kids teachers, our two wonderful priests, Matt Talbot Kitchen, and friends. 

Thanksgiving morning. 

Something my good friend Sarah's family always did when I was little and would be at her house was to set up a card table and have a puzzle going.  I bought a new one for the kids to try and work on in the morning.  Star Wars.  And although we didn't get too far on it, I like to leave it set out from now until through Christmas. 

The only stuffing I have ever had on Thanksgiving is my grandma Becky's.  It is fabulous.  Her stuffing is Thanksgiving to me.  I would never dream of making a different one.  The familiar smell of the green pepper, onion and celery sauteed  in butter on the stove affirm that it is indeed Thanksgiving!   We lay the bread out on the counter the night before so it can get all good and hard.  I love that the kids want to help with this so that they hopefully will make grandma's stuffing for their own Thanksgivings.

Another dish that we always had growing up was noodles.  This is from my grandma Gladys.  Kelsi noodles boiled in chicken stock.  Simple, and a must have.

My mom never made cranberry sauce when I was little.  TJ's dad has always made a delicious one and this year I was set on making my own.  I got the recipe from Laura and, oh my was it fabulous.  It could possibly have been my favorite dish at the table.  I think that Tom and I were the only one's who ate it, I can't remember if anyone else did...doesn't matter, more left over for me!!!

I see a new tradition for George beginning....he'll probably wear a Green Bay Packer shirt EVERY Thanksgiving day of his life, since they play every year on this day.  Of course we watch the game as a family traditon! 

And although many things don't go the way I've conjured them up in my mind to....the family prayer, sitting for hours at the table in conversation, the perfect Thanksgiving table, playing family games all day....I'm learning that especially with young children, to not expect perfection, but embrace the moment.  I'm not going to lie, that is hard for me.  I paint pictures in my mind of what I want a day to look like and when it doesn't happen that way I get disappointed. Oh, but I'm learning!

So much to be thankful for, so many gifts and blessings....thank you Lord.

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fullofgracex7 said...

Oh so much to be thankful for. What beautiful traditions your children will have to hold on to and someday come home to. :) Happy Thanksgiving.