A Big Day

Today was a big day for the younger half at our house.  George did his first lesson in the book "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons", a book that both Thomas and Annie made their way through when they were his age.  He mastered the sound mmm and sssss exceptionally well and even was able to write the letter.  This is BIG people.

And the news on Evelyn's end is that she finally went potty in the toilet today.  After many days of trying and wearing princess panties, she did it.  Although not without a fight, mind you.  Had you been a fly on our bathroom wall, if you heard how she screamed and begged for me to put a diaper on her so she could go in it, instead of the potty chair.....for whatever reason she was terrified.  Once she could hold it in no longer and wet began to run down her leg, I stuck her on the seat, she went, and then AFTERwards, she finally laughed when George and I cheered in excitement.  This could be a long road ahead, but hey, at least we started.


Laura said...

I love the proud look on George's face. So cute!

Deanna said...

Way to go Evie! I knew you could do it! Nama