A New Life Begins

Welcome to the world, little Dominic Raynard.

You are truly a miracle.  Your life is so treasured by your family.  You were so wanted and hoped for.

Who will you be?  Who will you look like?  What features will you possess that look like your big brother's, if any at all?  We already think you are a nice boy.  You were born three hours after your due date, you caused your mother to only labor for a few hours, you started nursing right away, you were only seven pounds....thank you for starting off your worldly debut so lovely.

You are the second born, just like your mother was.  We all think she turned out pretty well, so will you.

I always forget how tiny babies are when they are just born.  How I can hold their entire body with one hand, how they squish into a ball and rest high up on my shoulder.  How their little face is as big as my fist, and how their little bottom fits so nicely into the palm of my hand. 

I got to come and meet you Dominic, the day you came home from the hospital.  Your mother and I ate a lot, held you a lot, and watched three other babies (George, Evelyn and Andrew) play who grew very big the moment you were brought home.

It was a wonderful two days.  I think it's the nicest place to be, in the house when a newborn comes home.

Congratulations Laura and Jarod!!!


Lindsay said...

ALL babies are miracles, but every time Laura has a baby I just can't help but shake my head and truly marvel at them. Dominic is perfect! You are such a good sister to go and be with her. Such special, special days in our motherhood years.

fullofgracex7 said...

I teared up as I read this and looked at your beautiful pictures of your precious new nephew! I can't wait to meet your little one...or mine for that matter! :) Life is so precious. Your pictures are absolutely spectacular as usual. (Will you come make that yummy food for me please??) Just kidding--I kind of think you probably would if I really asked. LOL!!! Congratulations Laura! What a perfect little person!

Laura said...

Oh how lucky I am to have you as my sister. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did for us. You made Dominics first few days at home so special. I can't wait to do the same for you when your little miracle arrives!