The Feast of St. Therese

For the past month I've been thinking, preparing, mixing, baking, cutting, wrapping and planning to celebrate a very special feast day.  It's the feast of St. Therese, who is also the patron saint of our children's school. The girls can dress up like St. Therese for mass and school, there is Eucharistic adoration all day, they do fun activities/projects instead of their regular school work, and they get a special treat to eat during lunch.  I was in charge of many of the preparations for this beautiful day!  So...I came up with the idea of serving chocolate eclairs to the students and teachers for their treat.  Chocolate eclairs were a favorite treat of St. Therese......perfect!

I began calling around town to see who could bake 365 chocolate eclairs for the cheapest price, since I had a budget, of course.  To my dismay, I couldn't find a bakery that even made eclairs, let alone cheaply.  I finally called a small bakery shop and they would do it, except it would be for an outrageous price.  Thus, the idea to make them all was put into action.  I figured if I made four batches of 15 eclairs every day for six days, I could bake them, freeze them, and then the evening before the feast day fill them with pudding and frost them.  So, for the next week and a half, my kitchen turned into a french bakery, we had eclairs popping out of everywhere! 

The dough itself was incredibly easy to make.  You boil water and a stick of butter on the stove.  Mix salt with flour, turn down the heat and add the flour to the butter mixture.

You stir it until it becomes a thick, sticky paste.  Remove from stove, and dump into a mixer.  Add four eggs on at a time.

Then you fill a large piping bag with the dough and pipe out fifteen hot dog looking logs.  Bake for 30 minutes at 425 degrees!  Once they had cooled I popped them into Ziploc bags and stuck them in the freezer.

This is about half of them, the other half were in the freezer inside the house.

Then the night before I had four dear friends come with me to the church kitchen and we filled, frosted, and tagged them all.  We soon had a great assembly line going and it was fun!

Setting up the teachers lounge with goodies for them to enjoy!

I love that our school makes such a beautiful day for the celebration of St. Therese.  Seeing all those little girls dressed like Therese is just darling.

The children at school were so grateful for the treat.  I had thought to myself earlier how wouldn't it be awful to spend so much time making these and then nobody liking them?  To my surprise many children asked if they could have seconds, and many of them came over to me on their own thanking me for the treat.  It was so worth all the time spent preparing for this day to see how grateful the teachers and students were!

Then on Saturday, which was the actual feast of St. Therese, we had our titular mass celebrated and the girls were able to process into church and also out to the garden after mass where we were showered with doughnuts! 

"St. Therese, you who are called the Little Flower, pray that I may always live as a good child of God.  May I always do the little things of life extra well for the love of God.  St. Therese, you love flowers and you wanted to give to Jesus the flowers of many, many souls.  Now that you are in heaven, let fall upon earth a shower of roses by your prayers.  Bring many more souls to Jesus.  Pray to the Mother of God for us that she will smile on her children here on earth.  Amen."


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So beautiful, Kristi. Every single detail.

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I love it! My girls raved about the eclairs when they got home. It was definitely appreciated. You do such a lovely job - thank you!