Just the Two of Them

I sat and thoroughly enjoyed these this morning.  Carmel flavored coffee and my new breakfast friend, a french toast bagel with lots of cream cheese.  No one came downstairs this morning until 9:00am.  What may you ask is going on? 

Thomas and Annie are gone.  My early risers are rising somewhere else this week.

Today I got a taste of what next week will bring when Thomas and Annie return to school.  I remembered what it was like to have just the two at home by themselves.  Jarod and Laura graciously wanted Thomas and Annie to come spend a few days with them.  It just so happened the time that would work the best was this week, the week right before school starts.  So they are enjoying themselves and being pampered by their aunt and uncle, while I spend a few days at home with George and Evie.  It's interesting to me how the dynamics change when half of them are gone.  George and Evie are content to find things to play with.  This is what occupied them for an hour this morning while I....organized the kitchen!

Candles and napkin rings.

I love to organize.  It makes me feel like I have got it together if my house is in order.  And although I am completely aware of the fact that nothing stays where I put it, at least I feel ordered, even if only for a day.

The medicine cabinet.  We've acquired much medicine this summer sadly, and I finally got it all together so I know where to find it all. 

The hats and gloves area.  Gets destroyed every single day when in use.  Nothing ever gets put back in the right tub... oh well, at least it looks nice for now, until we need to use them.

I didn't buy groceries this week to make dinners.  We thought it would be more fun to go out every night to eat instead!!  Tonight we took the two to Mass at 6:30 pm to celebrate the Assumption, and then went downtown to eat at the Oven.  We opted for inside, since it was a bit, dare I say, chilly at the end of August??  We asked for a booth that was tucked away in the corner, thinking that we might cause less of a distraction there.  We still distracted.

It was fun to just walk slowly downtown with them.  And even though I miss the other two terribly, it was a nice chance to just focus on George and Evie.

Almost half way there.  Nineteen weeks.  I can't believe how this little one is growing!  And now out to dinner by ourselves tomorrow night....can't wait! 


Renee said...

You inspired me to ask for dinner out. We went to Green Gateau because I was dreamy of the Creamy Parmesan salad dressing. Such a treat.

Kristi said...

awesome! let's go together with our husbands next time, and FYI we will go out to eat ANYTIME!!! it is such a treat :)