Lazlos, Red Robin, Scooters...oh my!

We decided to end the week off with a bang, I guess.  Thomas and Annie had been gone since Sunday night and we planned on eating out for dinners that week.  Fun. Fun. Fun.  Yes, I would get sick of the greasy food if we did this every night, all the time.  And yes, I would feel the pull to get back into my kitchen and hear all it's pots, pans, and utensils calling to me after a long absence.  But this was fun, not to think about preparing dinners for just a few days.

We ended up at Lazlos rather early, 5:30ish I think.  We had been sitting/playing outside and TJ looks at me about 4:30 and lets me know he's hungry, and that come to think of it, so am I.  We changed and picked up TJ's parents who had just gotten back in town from spending a week away for their anniversary.  Eating outside at Lazlos is one of our favorite spots.  It's a favorite for his parents too!  And let me just add that it was a bonus to have grammy with us...she gives them so much attention while waiting for food to come!

Working on "here's the church, here's the steeple, open the doors and see all the people."

Lavoish with lots of hot sauce....try it.  Made my baby wiggle and jiggle all around!

After a lovely dinner, we had to run by the Sprint store.  And wouldn't you know, there is a Red Robin right next to it.  If you've never had a chocolate shake from Red Robin, go get one.  Now.  Lindsay introduced me to these babies!

And then the next morning, we wandered over to the Scooters which is convienly located in our neighborhood.  Sat at the counter and sipped our coffee and watched them both.  Evelyn in her pink and orange jammies....

The biggest gift we were given this week was not, not having to cook and clean the kitchen (although that was definitely a bonus) but more than that, I was able to be more present with George and Evie.  I was able to sit and listen to TJ with fewer distractions.  I could give more one on one attention to them.  And yet, the absence of two of them made me realize just how much I love our children.  The fact that they have each other turns out to be the best gift of all.  The greatest gift we can give our children is siblings.  George and Evie kept asking where Thomas and Annie were for three days.  And while there is bickering, fighting, and yelling that happens daily at our house, there is love.  Much love between them all.  And that will only grow as they grow up.  I'm looking forward to watching them. 

I wouldn't trade having five children for anything, ever.  They make our life full and lively and fun. Oh, and messy.  I can't forget messy. 


Aubrey said...

It's great, isn't it? Eating out is great, having five kids is great, spending time with in-laws is great, being alive and living in such a wonderful city is great. :)

Laura said...

Oh my is right! Can we go get a chocolate shake from Red Robin this weekend? Thats all I'm going to think about the rest of the day!