Celebrating the Feast of St. Anne

July 26th is the feast of St. Anne.  She is the mother of Mary and the grandmother of Jesus.  She is patron of many things, but two in particular are grandparents, and bakers.

TJ and I decided that when we had Thomas, we would name our children after a saint, that way they would have their own special saint to turn to and get to celebrate their "name days."  It's been such a beautiful thing to watch them each take ownership of their saint.  When Thomas was little and we would be in church, if the priest would quote something from St. Thomas Aquinas, his little face would look up at me all excited that he just heard the name of his saint!  We try to make their name days special for them in small ways.  Usually we read about the saint, maybe do a little craft, make a special dessert, and they get to pick what to have for dinner.  Simple things to make them feel special and learn more about their saint. 

For the feast of St. Anne,  I thought going on a tour of a local bakery would be a treat!  And, Annie's good friend Abby, shares St. Anne's feast day, so we celebrated with the Vacek's.

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Smiler #1 said...

We love celebrating feast days, too. I think it's just one more "perk" of being Catholic!