The Canning Queen

This is the second summer where my sister and her husband took Thomas and Annie back to their house to spend four days with them.  The kids have looked forward to the trip all summer.  And why shouldn't they....when they get to do lots of fun activities, stay up late, and play with their cousin.  When TJ and I got there on Thursday afternoon, we walked in to the kitchen to a beautiful sight.

The three of them were canning peaches.  Aprons and all.  They looked extra darling since I hadn't seen them in four days.

My sister is a master caner, in my book.  She has learned, along with a friend of hers, how to can practically anything.  She has had the privilege of watching and learning first hand from Jarod's grandmother, who is still living, how to make homemade salsa and can it.  We have canned together, along with my mom's guidance, strawberry jam after strawberry picking at Roca and have also done my grandma Glady's Russian Dill Pickles, also thanks to our mom showing us how the first few times.  But Laura has taken it to a new level...she cans cherries, apples, applesauce, pickles, jam, peaches, tomato soup, salsa, green beans, apple butter, and more.  And whats even better is that almost everything she cans is home grown from a garden or picked off a tree. 

So, while we were there, she helped me can some of our grandma's pickles to take home.  Eating some of hers that she had already canned made me crave them even more.  And whats even better is that Laura has all the right canning gear to make the canning experience way more pleasant.... way better than spooning with an over sized ladle hot, sticky, strawberry jam into a steaming jar that you are holding with a towel because you don't have the correct tool to handle the burning jar, while dripping the sticky, hot, mess down the jar since you neglected to buy a funnel....I'm just sayin'.  Some people do it that way...

35 weeks pregnant...

20 weeks pregnant....

The smell of dill sends my nostrils into a frenzy.  I LOVE dill.

And then, as if we hadn't been in the kitchen long enough, Laura suggests that we make home made salsa for dinner.  Of course.

My sister's kitchen ALWAYS has some fresh, just picked produce lying on the counter.  Between her own garden, her mother-in-law's garden, and her friend's garden, she always has something fresh to prepare.

I love that my children had so much fun with their aunt and uncle and cousin.  And I delight in the fact that we can send our children to their house and know that they are being taken such good care of.  Thank you Laura and Jarod, our children will always remember the days spent at your house!


fullofgracex7 said...

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. pictures!!! What fun for all of you, especially Thomas and Annie...they'll remember, and it will be GOOD!

Kari Lee said...

thank you for sharing all of that!! what special memories for everyone - and what yummy canned goods! Andrew's smile is so darned cute!! and how fun to be pregnant together.