Baking Bread with Bev

This was the first day that Thomas and Annie had a full day of school this week.  I forget how odd it is to have them gone all day for school.  It's so much more quiet around here.  Instead of dwelling on the fact that they are somewhere else, learning from someone else, I really want to use the school days to be present with George and Evie.  I'm wanting to spend more time reading to them, coloring with them, doing puzzles with them.  This morning, we got back on our Thursday bread making.  And lo and behold, I have another new bread maker....Bev.

She knew where to go to get an apron, she knew to grab a bar stool and pull it over to the kitchen island.  I took my time with her, let her stir, let her dump in the flour and counted one, two, three as she added ingredients....just like I remember with Annie.  I showed her how to tap on the back of the measuring spoon to make sure all the flour came out.  She was way too cute.  At one point I looked at her and noticed that she was humming as she was stirring. 

Then right from bread making she went to changing her baby over and over, Desitin and all.  Homemaking 101 today at our house.  What a wonderful mother she will make one day!

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