Back to School Supplies and Bread....lots of Bread

Last year before school began, I took Thomas and Annie out each by themselves to lunch and then to go school supplies shopping.  They loved it.  I loved it.  They each got to pick where they wanted to go for lunch and then I got to be just one on one with them as they picked out their school supplies.  No hurrying them along, no feeling flustered because of screaming little ones, nothing else but just watching them as they fumbled around looking for the perfect folder and the perfect pencil sharpener...

This year we did the same.  My mom was able to come over two days in a row to watch the other kids while Annie and I went out on Wednesday, and Thomas and I went on Thursday.  And wouldn't you know, my children must take after me by being creatures of habit.  They both chose to go to Panera for lunch, just like last year.  Which is wonderful, however I stuffed myself with a lot of bread in two days.  But they loved it, and I loved just getting to watch them and talk to them.

Round two.  I noticed that Thomas is more of a talker than Annie is.  Both were very grateful and I felt very proud as I listened to their thank you mom... and we held hands as we walked together.

So here we are at the end of another summer.  I can't believe it's already here.  School and schedules will resume as we ride on the wave of another year.  Here we go...

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