The Start to a Fun Weekend

She has a new love, babies.  Wrapping them up, placing them into car seat carriers, and changing diapers, usually followed by a generous swipe of Desitin....of course.

The anticipation of the 4th of July brings out the pyro in him.  All of a sudden he is obsessed with lighting things on fire, supervised of course.

And walla....our very first red tomato has made it's appearance in our garden.  We went out the other morning to check on the ladies and this little gem was hidden deep within the middle of the plant.  We cheered.

Thomas sliced and divided the little thing into four parts so we all could try our first tomato.  Bite size scrumptious.
This morning TJ and I sat outside for a while by ourselves, sipping coffee and reading the paper.  It is so peaceful and beautiful, mornings are most definitely my favorite time of day.

I especially like seeing them wander downstairs after a good long sleep, voice hoarse, hair rumpled, and zoned out.
This morning, TJ had the day off.  It was great having him home with us.  He decided that he wanted to smoke a beef brisket ALL DAY LONG.  That would make him happy, he said.  So on the gigantic piece of meat went, at 8:30am.

And it didn't come off until 10:30 pm. I'm glad that made him happy.

We've been doing a lot of swimming this past month.  Almost every day, we head to the pool around 3:30/4:00.  A lot of people have left by then, and I send Thomas and Annie off to the big pool while I hang back with George and Evie in the baby pool.  The baby pool is the place to be, let me tell you.  Lots of mom conversation happening as we sit around the edge of the pool with one eye on the children and the other on the person you are chatting with.  It's so fun.

With the weather nice and hot, we are looking forward to a fun filled long holiday weekend.  Eating LOTS of meat, shooting off LOTS of fireworks, are in the plan.  Have a wonderful July 4th weekend!

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