He is in Heaven

The 4th of July has gone on for about three days now, at our house.  We've celebrated on the driveway the past two nights with friends, food and fireworks and now we're gearing up for tonight as well.  TJ is so happy to sit outside and watch our children play.  Give him a Bush Light Tall Boy, put some country music on in the background, and even give him a cigar and just watch the stress melt away from his body. 
Notice her rump?  Someone forgot to put on a swim diaper....

TJ brings to attention the dead frog in the street and how they should try and blow him up.  Make him jump one last time...and did he ever.

A bonus about letting the kids stay outside until 11:00pm the past two nights is that they actually have SLEPT IN!!!  Thus my productivity these mornings.  I've gotten up, started coffee, laundry, unloaded dishes, picked up kitchen, and prayed the rosary.  Still no one.  So I head downstairs to the computer until I see or hear someone.  It's 9:00 right now.  Lovely.

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