Happy Birthday George

June 26th 2007, our George Harold was born.  Four years ago.  I can hardly believe it. 

I love how he calls the number four, number one.  Let me explain.  You all know his infatuation with the Green Bay Packers.  He wears packer jerseys every day.  Most of them are old ones from Thomas who had Brett Favre's jersey, which is number four.  George has grown up looking at the number four, but calling it number one, since the Packers are number ONE, of course.  It was cute in the beginning, but now I'm a bit worried we've messed him up for good!

I love you George.  I love so many things about you.  I love that you suck your thumb only at night.  I love that you have to hold onto your blanket and will search with eyes closed until your hand finds the right spot where you hold it.  I love that you play with your cars all the time.  I love to watch your hands hold them and drive them around.  I love that you call your stars wars guys storm troopers, clomtroopers, a mix between storm troopers and clones.  I love that you are an over laughter, you know, the kind that force themselves to laugh at everything, it's loud and goes on and on.  I love how you love golf and football.  I love that you usually sleep in, in the mornings, something your brother and sisters don't know about.  I love that you are left handed.  I love that your favorite color is green and how whenever given a choice on a color for something you say, I want green because its my favorite.  I love your voice.  It's deep, and the way you say words long and drawn out makes me smile every time.  I love your excitement about.....everything.  You think so many things are so cool.

And here's where I bite my toung and say these through gritted teeth....

I love how you throw a fit in the mornings if you have to get dressed in something OTHER than Packer attire.  I love how you can't sit still at Mass.  I love how you grab toys away from your siblings and then give them a big swat when they want them back.  I love how you pretty much don't eat any vegetables. I love how you use bathroom talk when you are being goofy with your friends.  I love how it takes you two hours to get into bed some nights and how you refuse to stay in bed. I love how you unbuckle your seat belt while I'm driving....all the time. 

Because George, I truly am thankful for your life.  Both the good and the bad make you who you are.  I prayed so hard to be able to have another child.  And here you are.  You are such a good, loving, sweet boy who also can make me very frustrated.  But that doesn't stop me from loving you.  EVER.  I love EVERYTHING about you, both the loveliness and the ugliness at times.  You are a very special boy, my third child, and I'm so happy that I get to watch you grow up and listen to your sweet voice daily.    

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fullofgracex7 said...

Happy birthday George. Oh how I loved to read about how you love him...both the good and the ugly. I always just want to squeeze him when I see him! I know both of our charming four year olds have many friends, but I love watching them play together...I love loving some of the same things about Joe that you love about George--same but different. It is just wonderful to recognize them all and know that they are what makes each child who they are. He is looking so grown up!! I can't believe how much he looks like Thomas in some of those pictures!!!! You and TJ make cute kids. :)