Christmas In July

The weather outside today was 98 degrees.  It's the middle of July.  Summer.  Swimsuits.  Sweat.  It was the kind of day where just walking on the cement would scorch your feet.  Shoes are a must.  I've always wanted to try the frying an egg on the hot pavement trick...today would have been a good day for it.

That said, it was a whole different story INSIDE our house today.  Inside there were Christmas carols playing, hot chocolate sipping, candy cane sucking, cookie making, and Christmas list writing.  Some children even topped it off by wearing fleece and feet jammies.  We pretended that it was December and lived it totally up.

Our baby is due on January 7th.  This got me thinking that I probably shouldn't put off Christmas shopping, and wrapping until the last minute.  I most likely want to be consumed with preparing for our little one to arrive, rather than staying up late at night wrapping presents. 

My goal is to be done shopping and wrapping for Christmas by early November.  So, we started early.  I did this a few years ago and the kids had so much fun celebrating Christmas in July, that they asked if we could do it again.

I gave them sheets to write on what they wanted to make or buy for every family member and then also what they wanted themselves.  Last year a friend gave me this advice that I followed while shopping for them.  Each child gets:

*something they want
*something they need
*something to wear
*something to read

That helped me in picking out their presents.  They wrote down their ideas...it was cute.

And then, when they could stand the Christmas music no longer, their swimsuits were calling to them.  We headed outside to play in the water and enjoy the blistery hot day.

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HangerMom said...

I love the contrasting pictures of Annie - with her fleece jammies and candy cane, then with her swimsuit and popsicle. How fun!