An Unusual Morning

I woke up at 4:30 this morning to a violent thunderstorm hammering rain at my bedroom window.  Bouts of lighting and thunder echoed through the house, while everyone remained fast asleep.  My first thoughts were no running this morning....so back to sleep I quickly and gladly went.  Before I knew it it was 6:30 and while all were still sleeping,  I quietly slipped out of bed.  The house was still completely dark and the rain was continuing to rhythmically drum on the roof.  I opened the blinds, started coffee, and sat in the chair with only the very minimal light from outside.  Expecting tiny people to make their way down the stairs at any moment, I went ahead and began praying the rosary.   It was very soothing, sitting there in the dark, listening to the rain and distant thunder while reciting each Hail Mary.  To my surprise not a single person came down by the time I had finished the rosary.  Odd....I thought, since the invisible rooster at the Casady household sends his wake up call around 6:30 these days.  Suddenly I became excited at the thought of going downstairs by myself to the computer, coffee in hand, to read some blogs.  I was meant to read this one this morning.
http://www.elizabethfoss.com/reallearning/   Beautiful.  Just beautiful, and such a good reminder of how I should treat people.  I finished reading it with a renewed sense of just how much I love my husband when I heard the door open and in he comes with newspaper and coffee in hand.  We sit on the bed together, drinking coffee and reading the paper together.  We felt like we were on vacation and staying in a hotel....just the two of us!

At about 8:30, we are greeted by our first visitor. 


Two hours later than a normal day.  It was so fun to share this dark, rainy morning with TJ!   But now we were glad to see them trickle downstairs! 
We cuddled together on the couch all wrapped up in blankets.  It felt like a winter morning, not the end of June, but it was nice to just snuggle with them.
And to top off this unusual morning, we had a little treat for breakfast.  Left over chocolate fudge cake.

Why not?
While we were shoveling in the thick fudge cake, TJ was doing this...

way to go honey!  This morning I'd rather be eating chocolate fudge cake for breakfast with my children than out running.  It's good to change things up!

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Aubrey said...

What a beautiful morning!