A Bump, and a Beat, equal a Baby

12 weeks.

When pregnant, it's always interesting to me, to watch your belly grow...daily.  You start this journey by seeing the lines or the plus sign on the pregnancy stick, or in my case with this one being told by an ER doctor that did you know you are pregnant?    Looking normal, yet totally changed from knowing there is a little one growing inside of you.  You may begin to take prenatals and progesterone, while also increasing your intake of food and forcing down gallons of water.   Nothing really changes, especially when you feel good and experience mild morning sickness. Then one day, it happens, it's there, and you are reassured that there is a someone growing inside of you. 

You notice....the bump.

Then comes the beat...the heartbeat that is.  The twelve week initial doctor appointment has always been exciting for me.  Laying there waiting in anticipation, as the doctor puts the cold jelly substance on your stomach and starts moving around the microphone device on top of you.  Hearing the loud swishing of sounds, straining your ears to hear something that resembles a heart beat, looking at the the doctors face for confirmation that the sound he's picked up is indeed the baby's heart beat and not your own.  Good.  Very good.  Were his words this time.  He found the baby's heartbeat right away.  Whew.  Deep breath.

And just like that, he or she has made their first appearance.  The first milestone of many has been reached.

Hello little one.


fullofgracex7 said...

Woo hoo! :)

Aubrey said...


Renee said...

We're going to be on vacation during what would have been my 11 or 12 week first doctor's visit and I - almost - wanted to leave late or come home early just so I could hear the heartbeat as soon as possible.

Such a beautiful sound and peace-giving moment.