Where to Begin?

Well, hello again!  It's good to be back! 

It's weird to look at the computer screen again after six weeks of....not looking.  But lent is over and Easter has come, ALLELUIA! 

The Lord has risen, he is risen indeed!

Where to begin...so much has happened, yet really not, when I think about it.  We're all still here, doing the same things we always do.  There have been a few big events however which have spiced up the ordinary days....Evelyn turning two, Annie turning seven, Thomas making his First Holy Communion,  Annie starting soccer and Thomas starting flag football, planting a garden, and of course celebrating Easter.

Thomas received his First Holy Communion on April 16.  It truly was a beautiful day.  I can't believe that we are already here...where our oldest is old enough to receive Jesus.  It feels just like yesterday that I was taking this chubby little thing to daily mass at St. Joseph's and having him fall asleep in my arms....

Evelyn turned TWO on April 6th.  TWO.

And Annie turned SEVEN on April 18th.

The Mustangs....Thomas' flag football team.

The Flames...Annie's soccer team.

Easter.  What a beautiful, most welcomed day Easter Sunday was.  It was a good, long, lent that made Easter truly a day to celebrate!  And we get to celebrate for 50 days!!!!


fullofgracex7 said...

Welcome back! Your pictures are lovely as always. Blessed to call you my friend! Happy Easter.

Laura said...

So happy to see your beautiful pictures again!

Aubrey said...

I always enjoy your pictures, Kristi! Wow, what a busy spring, First Holy Communion (congratulations, Thomas!), birthdays, soccer, and football. Isn't it great to be outdoors, and to be through with Lent and into the Easter Octave? Alleluia!