It's Time.

It's time for me to leave, for a while.  Leave the world of posts, crafty blogs, online shopping, creative idea gathering, emails, and momentary escape from my real world.  I'm giving up the computer for Lent. Lent begins tomorrow and lasts for the next forty-six days. Forty-six days of finding OTHER things to do with my time instead of spending it sitting in my black chair in front of the computer screen, which sadly takes up a lot of my time.  Lent is a time to deny ourselves.  Deny ourselves of the pleasures we too often take for granted.  I realize that I live a pretty cushy life.  I am not required to do many hard things in my day.  Get up out of my nice warm bed, pour myself  a cup of coffee, husband takes children to school, little ones play while I sit at the computer, get to spend fun time with the little ones, take a nap, drive a reliable vehicle to our wonderful school to pick up the older ones, pour a glass of wine while making a delicious meal, live in a beautiful home.....and the list can go on and on....and on.  In denying ourselves, we can grow closer to Christ.  Bottom line.  That's it.  That's all I want.  I want to know Christ again.  For Him to be my best friend.  To turn to Him with my anxiety, troubles, and joys.  I need to remember what silence is like.  To not have the TV on, or music from my blog on.  To go to bed earlier. To read the pile of books that have been waiting for me on my night stand.  To pray again.  Not just an Act of Contrition before falling into bed, but to spend time with Christ in prayer.  Listen to Him, He may just have something to tell me.  I want to truly rejoice on Easter Sunday knowing that I stuck with something that was hard, not for me, but for the glory of God. 


This and That

Someone has been sneaking tickets into his jar......

I love how George bakes.  He gets right in there to help

I wish I could explain how squeezy she was that day.  She was wearing super tight leggings which showed every roll she has to offer, and a tight t-shirt.  I had to hold myself back from squeezing her to death.

Asparagus man...

This fabulous meal was sweet and salty salmon on top of edamme succotash.  Say that five times.

Uh, gross.  I don't know which is worse, the picking of the nose or the green eggs and ham.....


We have been getting farm eggs again from the Andreasens.  We sure missed these beauties.

Don't disturb her, she's......stirring.

                                               Someone is taking dental hygiene too seriously.