Your Big Day

Dear Thomas, Today was a big day for you.  Life changing.  Today you were privileged to receive the sacrament of Reconciliation.  The last sacrament you received was baptism, eight years ago.  I will never be able to put the words together to describe just how proud of you I am.  I was watching you get ready, all spiffed up in the new suit that you and pop went out to buy together, and my heart just welled up with such emotion.  For some reason, my mind jumped to years from now, watching you put your tux on before your wedding, or watching you put on your vestments before saying your first mass, should God call you to the priesthood.  And I got really sad.  Sad knowing that truly before I know it, that day will be here.  Then I practically shouted to myself out loud reminding me to savor the present moment.  You dress yourself exactly like pop does.  It amazes me to watch you.  You like to put on his cologne, you gel your hair exactly like he does (when you have hair), you even fixed your tie just like him and your hands look the same. 


I've had many friends tell me that I should be ready with my camera to take a picture of you when you come out of the Confessional.  They told me the pictures are some of their most treasured ones.  To see your face the moment after your first confession....You can bet I didn't want to miss that.  So, here you are.  After your confession, you went straight to the altar, knelt down and prayed your penance.  I was in the pews right behind you and just watched you, tears welling up in my eyes for you.  I was so happy.  I was so proud.  I couldn't believe how fast we got here.  To you being eight years old and making your first Confession.  Then, instead of going straight over to the table to get your clay heart, you came and knelt with me.  You gave me the one arm hug and the smile on your face was absolutely priceless.  You were so happy.  The first words from your mouth were, That was awesome!  Can I go again tomorrow?  Why do we lose that excitement as grown ups?  I want to learn from you. 

You chose to go out to Panera for lunch afterwards.  Good choice.  We were all so excited to celebrate with you!

Luke 2: 19  But Mary kept all these things, pondering them in her heart.

I often think of this passage.  I think of it as I am carrying around my camera and my video camera, trying to record and capture every moment of life.  Mary had no camera, no video camera, no phone with a camera in it.  NOTHING.  She kept everything in her heart and pondered it.  Often, I 'm sure.  How could she not?  She was raising the son of God.  Surly His life was worth documenting with pictures, blog posts, and videos.  But no, instead Mary watched Him, raised Him and was present with Him.....thinking and pondering all things in her heart.

But I am grateful for capturing this day for you in pictures, in hopes that you will remember what a special day it was!  I will try to imitate Mary and ponder all these beautiful moments I get with you, in my heart.

Congratulations Thomas! 


Kari Lee said...

truly a special, special day. Sam asks me VERY often to go and I pray he never loses his excitement either. Congratulations Thomas!

Aubrey said...

Reading that bible verse made my throat ache! My children are growing up so quickly!

What a precious day, first confession. Thomas looks so grown up in his suit, so handsome!

Some friends told you to bring a camera to capture that moment that he comes out of the confessional. It's a great idea!

This friend suggests you bring kleenex along to first communion. As you stand behind your son, as you walk up to receive Jesus as a family, you just may need one. When you stand behind him and it hits you: he's taking Christ into his body for the very first time, the emotions are overwhelming! It's beautiful. Bring kleenex! :)

fullofgracex7 said...

What a special day indeed. I thought of you all that morning! You did a beautiful job capturing it as usual. Precious and priceless. Thomas has wonderful examples to learn from. Congratulations!

HangerMom said...

So sweet! I love the second picture, because in the first he looks so grown up, but in the second, with his little kid bare feet, you can remember that he isn't grown yet.

An excellent bible verse - I need to spend more time pondering in my heart.

Laura said...

I'm bawling looking at these pictures! How come you didn't tell me he was receiving a sacrament? These are the sort of things a Godmother would like to know! Give me a heads up on first communion. I'll put it in my calendar.
Oh Thomas! You are such a handsome little man!