When Buttons Spill....

Just picture it.  A large tub of colorful, smooth buttons ranging from the large ones to the teeny tiny ones.  It's sitting on the table, just waiting to be used in some crafty way.  Then the mother who is clearly not thinking, hands the open tub to the one and a half year old instructing her to sit down and play with them.  Seeing this as an opportunity for some fun, she takes the tub, while the mother is not watching, and brings it to the three year old who knows what you do with a tub full of buttons.  You DUMP them, of course and then you THROW them.  Right.

I told you about the roses.  Now I can't stop making them.  I'm addicted, I think.  And so, while the children were throwing buttons in the air, I was oblivious to it all as I happily rolled felt roses.  It's safe to say the state of my house right now is disastrous.  Every single thing is out of its place. It's like every room in my house threw up- that's the best way for me to describe it.  Gross, I know.  My heart wants to sit all day and create, but my head is shouting out ORDER- bring order back to this place.  So that's what I did.  I gave myself a good helping of self-denial and stopped making roses, and instead, began to pick up.... and spend some time with the button throwers.

An interesting thought.  I preach to our children daily about how they should put back the crafts they get out after they are done with them.  Rarely do they clean up that room after creating something.  They just get up and leave.  Today when I was sitting at the table making roses, it hit me.  I hadn't put anything away for four days now.  Felt scraps covered the floor, hot glue globs had dried onto the table, yarn pieces were everywhere.  You could barely see the table under my mess.  So on Sunday, part of Father's homily was about how our children learn by imitating us......hmm, interesting.

Last summer TJ and I considered painting our door and shutters black but we never got around to it.  I think it would look so cool on a black door, don't you? 


Renee said...

It is a good thing my house is already a disaster and I have a million things needing to get in order right now or I'd be all over these. Yours are just darling.

fullofgracex7 said...

Gorgeous. I want to make some...I'm totally resisting the urge. I found wool felt today in my sewing room (the oh-so-nice-to-feel-and-look-at-wool-felt) and I ran the other direction. My house already looks like every room threw up without beginning a new addictive creative adventure. I will just admire yours for a while longer until I can no longer fight it! :) Love the idea of a black door and shutters...want to know why? LOL (Because mine have been begging me to get that black paint on them!) Ha! You first. :)