A Weekend Outside.

This weekend, the weather was SO BEAUTIFUL.  It was a little present to us from God, coming after a week that had single digit degrees.  You know it's nice outside when everyone talks about the weather and it seems to be the topic of every conversation, even with strangers.   It's everyone's small talk.  You find yourself talking about the weather with the cashier at the grocery store, the gentleman who pumps gas, the waiter at the restaurant, and the people walking outside by your house.  After spending a few months inside, it's so nice to get out.


We are trying to recognize and appreciate this time in our life when we have small children and don't really have go anywhere.  We know that one day soon, we will be running children to this practice and that, but for now, we are enjoying the weekends where we have nothing we have to do.  Instead, we look forward to making ordinary weekend nights....a little extraordinary in the little things.  Like making really good dinners....

And staying up late wrapping wreaths in yarn and roses, while watching Father Corapi on EWTN.

Sunday morning was a beautiful, bright, sunny day.

My Sunday pie this week was a Chicken Pot Pie....never made one before, but OH MY, I must say it was scrumptious!!!

We spent Sunday afternoon just soaking up as much sun as we possibly could.  TJ washed cars, the boys played some football, they wandered around BAREFOOT, I ran a good five mile run around the boulevard accompanied off and on by children.

TJ and Tom even managed to put a little project together.  He spray painted chair rail black and hung it in the garage.

                               It was a lovely weekend indeed.

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Laura said...

Your chicken pot pie is making me very hungry! Love the wreaths. I haven't got around to making one yet, but I can't wait!