Lots of L.O.V.E

I'd like to meet the photographers who can capture a bunch of children all looking, smiling, and posed just right.  I'd like to ask them how they do it?  I don't think it can be done.  At least, I sure can't do it.  Now, granted it was freezing outside and we had just gotten home from mass so they were hungry, but I thought it would be the perfect time to snap a few cute shots of them. What was I thinking?  The poor darlings were freezing.  We tried it in three shifts....they sat, I snapped a few pictures, we went inside, got a sucker, warmed up by the open oven, ran back out, tried it again.   

It was serious business for Evie.  She hung onto that "O" for dear life.  The kids wanted to switch letters at one point, and she just wouldn't let go of that "O".

Annie has started her very first ballet class.  It was darling to see.  I'm gonna say it....I can't believe how big she is getting.  Zellie was too cute.


My very crafty and always thinking friend Kim, showed me how to make these darling, cute, and very easy roses out of felt.  I'm now going rose crazy.

Suck some on a gift for a friend...roses for her hair!

And Sunday was the big day for the Green Bay Packers....Superbowl Sunday!  TJ and Thomas grilled brats outside and warmed up for the big game.

And to top off this lovely weekend, the Packers WON!!!!  Whoo hoo!!  Go Pack Go!


Laura said...

It's called photoshop, Kirsti. That's how photographers do it! But I must say your first picture under the title is pretty close to perfect. It is so precious!

HangerMom said...

I love your header shot! What are they all looking at?

I also love little girls with gaping holes where their teeth are missing. Annie is getting big, but adorable.

Aubrey said...

Kristi, the LOVE pictures are GREAT! My dad is a photographer, says the only way to get a "good" group picture is to keep trying, to take hundreds (really!) of shots and pick from the best. He said it's also a good reminder, looking back, to see one child looking this way or another looking that way, and remember how funny it was to try to capture so many children all looking at the same time. He laughs a lot and has a lot of patience. :)