Learning About the Presidents

I made a President's Bingo game last year.  I just used a couple president place mats that I had gotten from Walmart, that were probably a dollar or two, cut them up, and voila!  Bingo.  I was so happy that I remembered to get it out and play it with Thomas and Annie today.  They had a ball and kept asking to play again and again.  When I was little I remember one of my cousins could name every president.  I always thought that was super cool.  I know my sister knows a song about them that once you get the tune down, you can remember their names and in the right order.  I want to learn it.

We had cherry pie for dessert in honor of George Washington!

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Laura said...

I'm still very proud that I know all the presidents in order...all thanks to my 5th grade teacher! I should teach Thomas and Annie. I'm sure they'd catch on fast.