They're BAAACK.....

Sunday pie, homemade bread, and letter of the week snacks....that is.

The rhythm of my kitchen has been off. Oh, I've still been baking and cooking you can be sure, but my weekly rituals have been put on hold. December does that to me. I make cookies, and goodies all month and I just don't have it in me to make pie, bread or snacks.

I haven't made a pie since Thanksgiving. I found myself really starting to miss my Sunday morning ritual. Getting up early to a dark, quiet house, rolling out pie crust, snapping pictures, cutting fruit, sipping hot coffee, reading cookbooks while the pie was baking, greeting little people as they straggled downstairs, bed head and all.

I love Sunday mornings.

Now that we are in the middle of winter, it's so darn dark in the mornings. If you happen to be out walking around our house at six in the morning on a Sunday, this is what you may see. Baking by candlelight.

I also am baking bread once a week again. I have to. It is a must. If you've never made bread, than you should give it a try. It's very therapeutic. It makes your entire house smell good. I feel like I am providing for my family in a small way. I hope my children will always remember baking bread with me, it's hard to let them help at times, but I always do. I suck it up and let them throw flour all over, in hopes that they will remember baking with me. I find great satisfaction in mixing yeast, flour, water and a few other ingredients together and it becoming something very warm, yummy, satisfying and fulfilling. Bread.

And now a new stage is beginning....two new mess makers, I mean bakers.

We're singing the same songs that I did with Thomas and Annie while we knead. On top of spaghetti, O Christmas Tree, and the ABC's.

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