My Favorite Gift... the Weather

Last December looked like this......

Lots of fun for the kids to play in, but not so much fun for a guy with only a shovel.....Luckily we have two great neighbors who came and helped TJ with their snowblower and bobcat!

It's a world of difference this December. Today was a beautiful, lovely day. The perfect kind of day for going to the pond and fishing, don't you think? Thomas and Annie made a fishing pole and we heading to the pond by our house.

Even though we were hat-less and glove-less, the water was still frozen. So they ditched the fishing poles and had fun on the ice instead.

This morning I met Janel and Laurie for a run. I alomst didn't get out of bed, but thank goodness I did! It was a whopping 53 degrees at 5:30. And, I did somthing I've NEVER done. I was so hot while we ran that I took off my fleece. Gasp. I never shed clothing....I think I've said before how I'm the silly looking one who will run with hat and gloves and fleece on while my friends are wearing tank tops and shorts. It was that beautiful out! I am so grateful for this mild winter we are having so far. It's so nice to get out and enjoy the weather.

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