Much to Celebrate

You don't need to convince me to celebrate something. I love a good excuse for a party. I love themes. I love it when everything goes together. I mean when the food, decorations, colors, words are all centered around one thing. I love feast days, holy days, birthdays, name days, baptismal days.....all for the reason that we get to celebrate them. Make them different from all our other days. We've been celebrating a lot lately. St. Nicholas Day, the feast of our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Lucia Day, and an advent party for our Little Flowers.

And that was just last week.

Advent party for Little Flowers
The snack was an advent wreath....

A wonderfully fun party at our friends house, the Boevers. They threw this Our Lady of Guadalupe party together in about one day. They are awesome! It was a perfect way to celebrate this feast day.....Mexican food and lots and lots of children!

Green, white and red cake for the Mexican flag.....of course.

Celebrating the feast of St. Lucia. Her name means light. There is a Swedish tradition that the girls in the home wake up early on St. Lucia day, wear a crown of candles on her head, and bring breakfast in bed to her family.
So, that's what we did!

Poor Georgie missed it all!


Anonymous said...

Those Advent cornflake wreaths are genius. I'm so making those instead of just regular ones. Did you find purple and pink dipping candy or did you mix your own for the "candles"?

And who made the Preparing Our Hearts banner? So cute.

I seriously want to come to a Little Flowers meeting someday. Not joking. Can I?

Kristi said...

Laurie made the advent wreath snacks.....she is brilliant! I did the banner, which YOU inspired me you know! I love all of yours!!Although now I want to make a banner for everything. Please come to one of our meetings...we'd love to have you. Seriously! Got your card today and your boys are way too darling. I love Henery's red cheeks.

Amy said...

You HAVE to email Monsignor the picture of all the girls hugging him!!!