He Missed It

Our first day of Christmas vacation looked like this......
I'm kidding.

It was mad chaos just minutes before this picture! The kids came home from school today at noon to begin their vacation! I so desparetly want to enjoy this time with them while they are home. But it's really, really, really hard to do that when you have a coughing, crying, one year old hanging on one leg, a tired, crying, naked-because-he-peed-the-bed-during-his-nap three year old hanging on the other leg.....a six year old who is begging to decorate cookies and an eight year old who wants to tell me something that happened at school.....I hate when I can't multi-task this kind of situitation. I finally shouted....I can't listen to four of you at the same time!!!!! And then felt bad.

But no matter what, if we are all sick, if the kids are whiny, if they are being unkind to one another, if no one is sharing anything, I am going to enjoy just having them here and remind myself to live in these moments with them, right now. Chaos or not.

Back to the picture. I figured that TJ would be coming home from work at 5:30 and so instead of him walking into the mad chaos, I asked the kids if they would grab a book and sit on the couch and read. We could suprise pop when he walked in! I couldn't believe they all did it. George was the first one to grab his book and climb on the couch. They were quiet, they were content, and they looked so darn cute.

I couldn't believe my eyes. And then began offering up silent prayers that TJ would walk through that door. Now. They stayed that way for about 20 minutes. TJ came home late. Oh well.


fullofgracex7 said...

oh, I'm so sorry he missed it! That is hard. You are in my prayers always. You inspire me on such a regular basis! You are an amazing mother. I know these days...these moments--they're quickly forgotten, but all of those marvelous times are remembered (I think by all involoved). We're all doing it together...the same thing, for the same reason and with love. You truly make it look graceful, even when it's rough. :)

Aubrey said...

Glad you got the picture before they all broke ranks! What a great idea; I should try to surprise Jeremy sometime with four children sitting quietly on the couch with books ... even if the previous four hours didn't look that way. The peed the bed comment made me laugh because we dealt with that at midnight last night ... and the night before that, the night before that, and the night before that. *sigh* I really hear you with the overwhelmed feeling of trying to listen to all four (five for me) children at once. It's hard! Don't be too hard on yourself for shouting. It happens to the best of us. The important thing is that they know they're loved. Shouting happens once in awhile, and it helps the kids remember that moms get overwhelmed too. (Not that I'd encourage it as a great fall-back, but kids need to understand that Mom's not omnipotent!)

Merry Christmas, Kristi!