Celebrating St. Nicholas Day

I don't really remember celebrating the feast of St. Nicholas as a child. I'm sure that we put our shoes out the night before and found them in the morning with a small treasure inside. I'm sure it was wonderful and exciting. Now that I am a mother, I wanted to REALLY celebrate this wonderful feast with our children. They probably won't remember it as well, (although I hope they do) but nonetheless, I enjoy it! I've come across many lovely ways that families celebrate, and now we have a beautiful tradition for our family.
We lay out shoes as well as our stockings. St. Nicholas brings all kinds of treasures in our stockings that the kids find very early in the morning!

These are our stockings that my aunt knit for our first Christmas. The tiny stocking attached to mine has a little question mark on it as I was pregnant with Thomas!
Each year the kids find a pomegranate in their stocking. Those are the funnest things to open and eat!

We have a big, big breakfast of egg bake and candy cane bread. Gold coins can be found on plates and the table.

We also give our god children and the god parents of our children their Christmas gifts on this day. The past few years we have also made St. Nicholas hot chocolate to give to friends.

As we are preparing for Christ's birth, celebrating the feast of St. Nicholas is a lovely way to excite us and look even more forward for Christmas.

Gracious God, send your spirit upon us that we may follow in the steps of St. Nicholas, loving you and generously caring for others. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen


fullofgracex7 said...

You are amazing...did you sleep after returning from KS?? I admire all that you do for your family to enrich them in their Catholic faith. You are as always, an inspiration!

Lindsay said...

Ok, Ms. Perfect! That is beautiful! Next year, Can I be little at your house? Not only is everything lovely, but it is as if you turn around and sprinkle a little pixie dust right before you leave to give it that extra wink.

Laura said...

I love the red stockings! Nice choice. I'm sad we weren't there to celebrate with you.