Waiting for TJ to Come Home

Each day, between the hours of four thirty and six o'clock it's, well....interesting at our house. Some days that hour and a half can be filled with children reading to themselves, or playing in the basement, or coloring or creating something that usually involves lots and lots of scotch tape. Some days we are outside playing in the yard or walking around the block. Some days we go down to the park, while other days a good old VHS movie gets put in. Most days it's loud and chaotic, I think driven by their hunger.

This is my most dreaded time of the day. The waiting for TJ to come home time of the day. By then we've eaten a snack, finished all homework, dinner is usually underway, I'm tired of picking up the house, and really don't want to do anything. This is the time of day when I am most impatient, most frustrated, and most tired. Tired of asking the children to GET OUT OF THE PANTRY for the one hundredth time. When I feel my blood pressure rising, I know it's time to go outside and wait for pop.

So we did.

And the girls wore these.

My mood instantly changes when we go out and just wander around and I watch them play. The weather these past few days has been so enjoyable, it makes me so happy and content to just soak up as much of this fall as I possibly can. I know that right around the corner are the days of bundling. Bundling up the children to climb into a frozen Sherman in the mornings. Bundling them in snow suits, hats, face masks, gloves, and boots to go play outside for ten minutes before they are ready to come back inside. I'm living up bare legs and feet for a bit longer....

And finally the moment comes.......pop is home!

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Stephanie said...

What is it about galoshes? We love them too-instant cuteness :)