This Morning

Some days are just so darn pleasant. You know them. We've all had them. They come around very sporadically, but nevertheless, they come. The days where everything seems to just click. Everyone is helpful, obedient, polite, respectful....it's like everything you've been teaching them comes out all at once..... in one morning, none the less. That's the way our morning was today.

Wednesday mornings I sleep in. I don't get up until 7:15 sometimes (note that we should be leaving for school by 7:30.) You can imagine the mad rushing that takes place on those mornings. Especially when I still try and get my shower in before leaving! Today was no different. I woke at 7:15 but to Thomas coming in my room, fully dressed for school, saying mom, I read two chapters in my saint book.

Awesome, honey was my response as I groggily climbed out of bed. This is nothing new. I can always count on Thomas being dressed for school, piano practiced, breakfast eaten, backpack, shoes, and coat on.....usually before 7am. He's a morning kind of guy. Anyways, my first thought was nothing out of the usual this morning. Until Annie comes into the bathroom while I am showering. She's holding a ham and cheese sandwich in one hand and an empty zip lock baggie in the other. I made my own lunch today mom. Could you put this sandwich in the baggie for me? As she holds up the ham and cheese, pieces of it fall to the hairy bathroom floor. After swallowing the throw up in my mouth, I tell her to brush off the hair and take it back to the kitchen. I'll be down in a minute to help. Oh dear. What does the kitchen look like? I wonder.

After quickly dressing, I head downstairs to unusual quietness....what's going on? I ask Thomas. He proceeds to tell me that George and Evie are already in Sherman, he's given them a banana and a drink, he figured out how to take his fish oil by himself using the syringe, Annie has already practiced her piano,which she usually needs me to sit with her to help, they have eaten breakfast, and the kicker....Annie's bed sheets are taken off her bed and put into the laundry room. I'd like to think that I've drilled it into their heads to take off their sheets and put them into the laundry room on sheet day. But, she may have just had an accident last night....who knows.

Here is the best part. We were in Sherman at 7:35. Seriously.

Thomas is always worried about being late for school. He's always the first one ready and watches the clock giving me updates as to what time it is. He asks me often during the morning, if we leave now, will we be late? The other morning, I woke up to Thomas crawling into my bed. He was completely dressed in his uniform. I glance over at the clock only to find that it is just after midnight. Thomas what are you doing honey? I was curious if instead of sleep walking he was sleep dressing.....He told me that he just didn't want to be late for school. He may be onto something there.

As we were driving to school, (ON TIME) I looked back to see both Thomas and Annie's face buried in their books, I was so proud. You know those moments where you feel like all the teaching and work you do is paying off with them. I felt that. I think I was so aware of it because I know all too well that at any second, I will be back to correcting, and reminding them. These moments truly are a gift.

I'm writing this down today, only so that I can remember these enjoyable ....rare....moments and to let them know that I was so proud of them.


Jenn said...

Oh Kristi, I am so proud of them, too! What wonderful children you have, truly. You and T.J. are amazing parents and they are very blessed to have you two as their Mommy and Daddy!

(Wow, great job Thomas, for even taking his fish oil on his own!)

kimvacek said...

Could Thomas be any cuter? I LOVE that he put George and Evie in the car, with a banana none the less. I found myself laughing out loud when Thomas woke you up so he wouldn't be late, too cute.