Our Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving my sister Megan was able to come home from California and spend a few days with us. We loved having her home! She wanted to wake up early on Wednesday morning so she could bake pies with us all day! We even gave her her own apron to wear.

Trying to only have one peel at the end of the apple....


We got all of our pies made and delivered. Some went to our friends, the Pink Sisters, Msgr and Father, and this year the kids asked if we could give one to the Bishop. I thought that was a great idea especially since we don't know how much longer he will be our Bishop. What a treat that was getting to give him a pie. We just walked right up to his door and he was so welcoming to us. He invited us in and even gave the kids candy. They couldn't believe it! When we left, Thomas said, that was awesome that we got to talk to the Bishop and get him all to ourselves. We didn't have to wait in a line.

Thanksgiving morning.....really early.

I think that my absolute favorite part about Thanksgiving was listening to George say what he was thankful for at the dinner table.
Me: George, what are you thankful for?
George: uh....for Green Bay, and for the Packers, and for number one and for number twelve and for Aaron Rodgers and for number nine and for number six, and for number fourteen.....
We had to cut him off and go on to the next person for fear that he would have named off each member of the Green Bay Packers. God bless him. He is cute.

Thank you Kim for the lovely treat we found at our door. And it was a good thing too because with all my planning for Thanksgiving dinner, I completely forgot to have anything ready for breakfast Thanksgiving morning! It was fabulous!

This cheese is special to my family. When I was little and my grandparents would come to visit over Thanksgiving, they would bring this cheese from Wisconsin. We would devour it....it's so good. To me, this cheese is Thanksgiving. I surprised my family by finding it and ordering it online.

It was so good to spend time with you Megan. We love you and miss you. You are a great sister and aunt.


Aubrey said...

Kristi, what a lovely Thanksgiving! I'm so pleased that you were able to deliver your pie to our Bishop. He is a great man, and so kind. He doesn't ignore people, doesn't pass over children. At a funeral in March, he stopped to admire Maria, who was 3 weeks old at the time. He asked her name, smiled when I said that she was named for the Blessed Mother, and blessed her. I'm so grateful that our diocese was blessed with him, a wise and conservative leader.

Your meal looks wonderful! It made my tummy rumble! Time to go eat lunch! ;)

Megan Huppert said...

This was the best Thanksgiving ever! I had so much fun with everyone, I wish we could spend more holidays together George's dinner thanks was pretty amazing!