Why I Really Run

What keeps me going and getting up as early as 4:45 in the morning on some days to run, you might ask?
Well, it's getting to meet these lovely ladies to run, pray, and talk about our thoughts, anxieties, hopes, fears, and anything else. I run with Janel and Laurie three days a week. I look forward to those mornings.....even though it means getting out of bed.....early.

My body goes on auto pilot those mornings. I get out of bed to shut off my alarm that is beeping at 4:45. Usually, I slip back into my warm bed for just a few more minutes of rest. Then I pop out of there and quietly and quickly pray my morning offering, change into the clothes that I laid out the night before and make my way in the dark to the downstairs. I usually start a load of laundry and the coffee (depending on how long I slipped back into bed for!) and lately I've gotten on the computer to check and see if anyone sent a message that they weren't going to make it. Then I grab a drink of water (yes, I don't brush my teeth before heading out....I won't be offended Laurie and Janel if you don't want to run with me anymore!) and then try my hardest to use the restroom. It never fails, I seem to always have to go when we are out for a run. I grab my shoes and jump in Sherman. By now the clock says 5:06. Perfect. Just enough time to make it there by 5:15. As I roll into the Scooters parking lot where we meet, I see Laurie and Janel's vehicles there and for a moment the thought pops into my head let's ditch running and go into Scooters and sit and sip coffee and talk. To my dismay, Scooters is not open yet anyways. Good thing I guess. We spend a few minutes stretching and talking about how the weather feels. We are all three different as to how we dress. Laurie and I are complete opposites, while she is wearing shorts and a tank top with a light jacket over top, I am in pants, long sleeve shirt, jacket, and stocking cap. Yes, I said stocking cap. I can't help it, my ears get really cold. And then Janel is somewhere in the middle I think. She usually wears a baseball cap and knee length shorts.

We then get going right away, mostly so we can get warm. For the first five minutes or so, I'm the one who is behind. It takes me a bit to get my body moving. I usually miss out on the first five minutes of conversation due to the fact that I am behind them AND wearing a hat that covers my ears, thus making it incredibly hard to hear what is being said. Oh well. Once I'm warmed up, I pick up the pace and then I feel great. Absolutely great. I am reminded every time that this is why I get out of bed. So I can feel my body move. I breathe, I sweat, and I feel alive. There are mornings where I am getting out of bed, having only gotten into bed four hours before. I know that I am crazy for staying up late at night and then getting up early, but the thought that always crosses my mind is that I can. I have the energy at thirty three years old to function on less sleep. I have a body right now that is healthy and in good working condition. I'm not going to waste these years. There will come a day when my energy is gone. When my body may be hurting so that I truly can't run. I will feel old. What's worse is that I will get old. For now, I'm choosing to make the most of my state in life today. And today I can get up and run.

During the week our route is about five miles. On Saturday we run seven. Saturday is my favorite. After we run, we grab purses and walk our sweaty selves into Scooters for coffee and conversation.

I look forward to my carmelicious....the thought of it keeps me running those last miles. This is what I get.....

but this is what I really want!

Thank you ladies for inspiring me and being crazy enough to get up early in the mornings to run with me. I cherish these days.
**And if any of you want to join us, we'd be delighted! The more the merrier!


fullofgracex7 said...

Thanks for getting up early. You and Laurie are of course why I do it too! I love these mornings, and I love this friendship all because of running. I'd say you have no idea how much these pictures make me smile, but I know better...you know exactly how I feel. :)

Thanks for bringing your camera...we still need to figure out how to get that shot of us actually running so we'll know we didn't make it all up! LOL! :)

Laurie said...

I could thank you, Janel and all my dear running buddies a million times and it would be inadequate (not for taking that picture of my morning face/runners hair and posting it!!!), but for the amazing blessing you are to me!!

"Thank you, God! You are so good and generous that you would give me these precious friends!"