Purging, Pumpkins, Backward underware, Dread locks, and Reading

Do I look thinner?

Because I feel really light.

No, I'm not talking about my weight, but I feel light because this week I went through the basement and got rid of LOTS. Our home is now lighter. Clothes, broken toys, stuffed animals, old dolls, framed pictures, ripped pillows, old suitcases, ugly fake flowers....... I purged.

And boy did it feel good!

Since Thomas, I've been saving their clothes in tubs that I store in our very small storage room. However, I've been saving everything, which is ridiculous. Some of it was stained, ripped, or so old it was out of style, yet I was saving it all. This is what I got rid of.

I took two bags of clothes, two bags of toys, pillows, framed art, fake flowers, dolls, stuffed animals and an old car seat base down to Catholic Social Services. And then threw out two big bags of trash. I have been starting to think about Christmas lately and have been wanting to start buying gifts now. I need a place to store them and the only option is our storage room. Since our storage room was filled to the brim with junk, I had no where to put Christmas gifts. Now I do. And, I'm trying to think on a different level this year. What to get for our children, grandparents, godparents, aunts, uncles, cousin, friends that is meaningful and useful. We gave Annie a Easy Bake Oven last Christmas. She used it on Christmas day and one day after that. It has sat in our storage room ever since. Gone. Good-by thing that was taking up space. I really bake with Annie enough. I don't feel bad about getting rid of the easy bake oven. By the way, does anyone want it?

On that note, I am a sentimental gal though. As I was going through each article of baby clothing, I found myself remembering who gave us the outfit. Even clothes that were given to Thomas eight years ago. I have to keep certain clothes that each child wore that are special to me. And, It's not that we don't appreciate the gifts that they get from grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents, ect. WE DO. They love to receive gifts from them. I will always keep those gifts that are meaningful to them and us.

You will NEVER see me get rid of a book. I don't care how beat up, torn, or damaged it is. I love books and I will never justify getting rid of those. I think I am scarred because I have this very vivid memory from when I was a little girl, of my mom reading a certain Christmas book to my sisters and I. I can see the pictures in my mind, but can't remember the title. I'm not dreaming because Laura has the same memory. We are searching for this book....

When my children are grown up, I want to give them boxes of books that we read when they were little. I want to see their faces and hear them shout...I remember this one!

I took the kids to the pumpkin patch last Friday. I think orange is my favorite color.
Especially if it's on her.....


No words can describe this cuteness!

Her little knot is turning into dread locks. Interesting.

Its happening. My friends who have readers, said it would. They said that one day it will just click and they will take off reading.
And it did.
Thomas has always enjoyed me reading to him. Big books. Chapter books. This summer we read 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in ONE day. It was a Great Illustrated Classics Book for children, but it was still 236 pages. I read to him many Star Wars chapter books in a matter of days. He asks me not to stop. But him reading on his own was another story. I think because he would have to stop and sound out words frequently that he would get frustrated or bored and be done after only a few minutes.
Once school began I could tell a difference in his ability to read. He got faster and was stopping to sound out words a lot less often. Pretty soon I noticed that I wouldn't have to encourage him to open a book in Sherman on our drive to school in the mornings. While I was getting everyone loaded, I would see him there, sitting in his seat in his little uniform, jacket and backpack strapped on his back.....reading. With no reminders or nudging from me. The other morning when I came downstairs I about had a heart attack. I walk down and see Thomas and Annie on the couch. It's absolutely silent as they are both face down in a book. That was nice!
Annie's reading has taken off as well. I'm not sure if she is just trying to keep up with Thomas or not, but she is getting really good. She still needs to be reminded to open up a book though, but once she gets going is does great. She is very proud of the fact that she is reading chapter books and will let me know each time she has hit a new chapter. I will hear her voice somewhere in the house saying.....chapter three!
Part of my morning prayers with the children in Sherman is that they will enjoy to read. That they will have a love for learning and exploring. That they will always wonder about this wonderful world that God has given to them.
Around the five o'clock hour in our home can be a little crazy. I have always wanted a peaceful home for TJ to walk into when he comes home from work. After his hectic, busy, crazy day, I want him to walk thorough the door and enter this haven of serenity. Unrealistic, I know. But I can try a little. So I thought that around five thirty each evening, as I am making dinner, I would put classical music on the CD player and then have the kids sit on the couch and read. We've only done it a few days now, but it is so wonderful! As I am making dinner, I look over and see my children reading. The first day, TJ walked in the door and gave me a look that said, where am I? Is this our home? Are those our children? That made me happy. He looked.....peaceful.


HangerMom said...

I love having readers (or at least, book lovers, in the case of the younger ones) in the house. It's so amazing when they really start reading it all for themselves! Amazing.

Laura said...

You didn't get rid of your baby clothes, did you? Andrew is ready for 12-18 months! Seeimg that picture of George made me really want to pinch his little behind. I hope you did!

fullofgracex7 said...

Have I said this before?: I love reading what you write about and seeing your pictures. Yes, I'm sure I have, but you'll probably hear it again! Love, love, love the underwear on backwards...I'm not sure if it is an unwritten rule at three to wear them this way? Thank you for capturing and sharing beautiful things. They always make me smile!