"I" Week Snacks

I week....

Idaho potato chips....my first time making them from scratch. I now have a new appreciation for a whole bag of chips....seeing how long it took me to make just this small plate full!

Indian corn
We had this on Tuesday which was the feast of St. Isaac Jogues....perfect that his feast day fell during I week!! We read about him and his missionary work with the Indians.
Since we had a few errands to run after school on Wednesday, I decided just to drive through and get Ice cream!

Irish soda bread

Insects on muffins
I was cupcaked out, so decided that muffins would do just fine.

And Kim made Igloo's for the kids on piano day. They were super cute. It was an apple halved, laying flat on the plate. The kids spread marshmellow fluff all over it and then stuck mini marshmallows all around it. Brilliant! I find it funny that those of us doing the alpahbet snacks rarely duplicate snacks! I love to see what different ideas they come up with!!

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Smiler #1 said...

Those bugs are super cute! Love the creative ideas. One my sister passed on to me for studying the letter I was writing with ice cubes on the side walk. You can use them like chalk or actually form them into letters. Not edible...but the kids love it!