From Green Bay Packer......to Princess?

This is what they looked like this morning as they played outside and walked around the blvd. Maggie and Kate were over playing, and as Maggie is just as infatuated with princesses as George is with the Packers, I'm sure he just wanted to dress up with Maggie. He has never really gotten into dressing up, other than the packer outfit of course. So this was an odd sight for me to see.
He scootered all around the blvd in a dress and heels......

And then, to top the day off, I found him like this in his bed. Asleep. As a princess. I had gone in to kiss him goodnight and make sure he was sleeping. He was underneath his blanket and kind of falling off the bed, so I pulled his blanket back to scootch him over.......and saw this. He must have snuck downstairs and put this on. I found the evidence this morning....his jammies in a pile in the basement.
George, you do make a rather cute and beautiful girl, however I'll keep you as my Packer boy instead!

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HangerMom said...

Oh man. Think of how happy YOU will be to have those pictures when George is graduating from high school. Or getting married... The fun you'll have! I love it.