"F" week snacks

"F" week was Fun, Fabulous, and Filled with Feast days too!!

Funny Faces....Thomas'

Flower pot cake.
I never knew that you could bake a cake or bread in pots.....oh the possibilities!

Saint Francis' Friendly beasts mix

A Flower
Very surprised that my children ate this one. They take after their mother and tend to think that a snack equals sweet. Thomas was quick to point out that grass in not orange, but green!
And then we celebrated two (well, three actually, the feast of the guardian angels is on Saturday)big feast days this week. First was the feast of the archangels. St. Michael was Thomas' very first favorite saint. He used to dress up like him, and parade around the house with sword and shield in hand! You can see how long we have had our St. Michael statue. He is now hand-less, arm-less, wing-less, and sword-less, and until recently head-less as well. I finally glued his head back on!

Angel food cake with swords for dessert!
Every morning after I drop off Thomas and Annie at school, I pray the St. Michael prayer for them and their protection. It has comforted me since the first day that I dropped Thomas off and walked away, leaving him for the next seven hours. I know that St. Michael is protecting them while they play and learn at school.
And then, Friday was the feast of St. Therese. What a feast that was! More to come on that celebration!

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fullofgracex7 said...

You are sooo creative!! Love all of your F snacks. FABULOUS!!