zero expectations

Family pictures 2010

My very talented friend Janel, took our pictures this weekend. When we were out feeding their chickens this summer, I noticed how beautiful their red barn was. So I asked her if she wouldn't mind us coming out to their house to have our pictures taken in front of it. Not only was she willing to take our pictures, but she had us over to watch the Huskers and made us a fantastic dinner of two kinds of chili and cinnamon rolls.

No expectations. No expectations. That's what I kept chanting to myself as I would think about getting our pictures taken. George's swim lessons this summer taught me that. If I don't expect our kids to behave perfectly, smile, pose, look just so....well then whatever we do get is a bonus!! And it worked. Evelyn did end up smiling, George did listen, and Thomas and Annie didn't whine (too much) about having to stand there for yet another picture. Because there were a lot of pictures taken. Over 500 actually. 500 pictures of.....us. Do you remember life before digital?

I thought I would take a few practice shots at our home in the morning. Here are a few that I took.....

And then here are a few that Janel took. Thank you Janel for being so willing to take our pictures and work with my children! You are amazing!

Sometimes I look at all six of us and can't believe that we are a family......that they are mine.....that we've been married for nine years.....that I love them all so much.


Kari Lee said...

what wonderful pictures and a beautiful backdrop! Evie did awesome - look at her beautiful smile!! It is so amazing seeing these kids grow up and be - so - big! Thomas is so handsome and Annie is such a lovely little/big girl with such sparkly feet!
Love the one of just you and T.J. And again, I'd like to take George home with me, if you don't mind.... :)
thanks for sharing!

fullofgracex7 said...

Just think about the possibilities...maybe we should do a monthly photo shoot...one month you take ours, the next we do yours and so on. We will get photography practice and our husbands and kids will learn quickly the art of being the subjects! LOL! So glad we got a few good ones in there. We had a great time! Thanks for coming. :) (And thanks again for that beautiful mum! How could you have known it would make me so happy?) ;)

Jillian said...

Those pictures are AWESOME!!!! Love the one of George squatting down...tooooooo cute!

Lindsay said...

Oh Kristi (and Janel) these are beautiful! You have so many great ones to choose from. I loved so many of them especially Georgie!

HangerMom said...

BEAUTIFUL! They turned out so well!

I love Annie's haircut - I noticed it at mass this morning as well.

Jenn said...

Kristi, your family is beautiful! I love the picture of you and Annie smiling at eachother, precious. They turned out lovely and what a beautiful day to take them.

(I love your shirt by the way, you look gorgeous in that color, but you always look gorgeous, seriously.)

Anonymous said...

So lovely. I love the turquoise and brown and white against the red door.

Nice work, Janel! And nice work, Casadys on being so picturesque.

Aubrey said...

Those pictures turned out great, Kristi (and Janel!). You know what's funny? My favorite pictures of the kids from 2009 are the ones I took of them in and around that same barn. :) That little dress that Evelyn has, I bought for Maria awhile back. I LOVE it! It's so cute. That little Annie of yours is just beautiful. I love to look at her; it's a pleasure to my eyes.