so thankful for my rear view mirror

I'm driving in Sherman a lot these days. I've gotten used to it really. Today while driving I looked through my rear view mirror to see Evelyn hitting herself in the head with both hands and then smiling, over and over and over again. As I am driving while looking back in that mirror I'm smiling. Realizing how grateful I am to have that rear view mirror. I have it set perfectly so that as I look back through it, I see these two perfect little people just right. I see both George and Evie's little faces right in the center of my mirror. I think about how much I would miss if I didn't have that mirror.

George sucking his thumb while holding onto his blanket while he rubs it on his nose.

Evie twirling her hair into knots

When the windows are down I see Evie hair blowing wildly, her eyes squinted with a big grin on her face

George showing Evie how to spit on her arm and then watching and listening to both of them spitting on their arms and each other

Evie looking over at George while he is laughing and then laughing like she knows whats so funny

These are just a few of the darling things I get to look at every day while driving to and from school. And yes, I do watch the road while driving, I've just gotten good at driving and watching them at the same time!!

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Kari Lee said...

I agree with you 100%!! We would miss so much without those mirrors and those darling children.♥