Monday night football

Are you ready for some football.....Monday night football?
When the Green Bay Packers play Monday night football, it's a special night. We love to put on our Packer clothes and have the game on both TV's. Downstairs, the boys are actually playing football while watching. Upstairs is for those who really want to watch. Tonight we had my mom over to watch with us, while my dad was out of town. When George saw Nama coming in the house he said to her something like this, the Packers are playing tonight, but there are going to be bears..... Meaning that we were playing the Chicago Bears, of course.

George talks about Aaron Rodgers every single day. Like he's his best friend. Someone asked him the other day what his last name was and he said.....Green Bay. Not to mention that he wears his packer outfit every single day. I promise you that the child has other clothes, nice clothes....he just won't wear them. I know that those tight yellow packer pants won't fit him forever, and then I'll be sad when he can't wear them anymore. So I'll just enjoy those pants while I can.

There are a few things about watching football, however, that I don't like. Commercials for one. They are terrible. Beer commercials, previews for sensual, scandalous, TV shows. Male erectile dysfunction ads, and birth control ads, which just make me sick. We try and mute the TV during them, or at least have the kids close their eyes and turn their heads. There are lots of teaching moments while watching a game. When a player pushes another player down or fights, we make sure to talk about how that is NOT the way to treat people. Sometimes you do see a player who helps up the opposing team player, that's always nice. I make sure to express how cool it is to help up another player after throwing them and tackling them to the ground....it's a nice gesture.
It's a fun family tradition for us to have a team that we follow. It's almost like an identity thing....if you're a Casady (or a Huppert, or Kastl for that matter) you like the Green Bay Packers....they're our team.
George may be taking that a bit too seriously though.

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