I can picture it

I took this picture last weekend while we were in Omaha. It's the outside seating of some restaurant....but I keep looking at the picture and picturing myself sitting there.

I would make a spot like this if we were ever to build another house. A covered space with comfy seating and flowers....lots of flowers. I love the brick too. It would be a place where TJ and I would sit, sipping wine, while the children are asleep upstairs for the night. It would be a place where we'd have many, many, many friends over to sit and eat and drink with us. It would be a place where we could watch our kids playing out in the yard, all sweaty and sticky, but we'd be nice and cool and comfortable under the shade. Whenever we look at a house that is for sale, one of the first things TJ looks for is if there are spots around the outside of the house to hang out in. To eat, drink, and relax in.

Lovely, don't you think?

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