"D" week snacks

"D" week was downright busy during snack time. I was only able to make one "D" snack. I had intended to make:

Devils food cupcakes with a cocktail sword sticking out from it
Daisy cupcakes

But was only able to make these Daisy mints. The kids love these mints, not to mention they're rather addicting! I keep them in the freezer and just pop one or two (or three or four) into my mouth pretty much any time I walk by the fridge.

We go to the Vacek's every Thursday after school for piano lessons. Kim made a great "D" snack for us. Dirt. A huge cup of good ol' dirt. Gummy worms and all. It was Delicious!!

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HangerMom said...

I really need to get some of the molds for that kind of mints. I love them. And they're so good straight from freezer to mouth - I agree :).