cherry crumble pie

When I woke up on Sunday morning, I thought for a moment that this may very well be the FIRST Sunday of NOT making a pie in a couple months. But....

Never fear, we got it done.

By we, I mean my sister Laura and I. We were staying at their house for the weekend. To make a long story short, and so as not to spoil this beautiful post with how awful my children slept at their house, lets just say that we did not get up super early to bake on Sunday morning. Thank you to my husband who took all four of them "out for a drive" so Laura and I could make a pie!

And thank goodness this was THE EASIEST pie I have ever made. Seeing as Laura had already done all of the work beforehand. The crust was already made and in the fridge, and she had already canned the cherries this summer. Making for one super-duper-easy-pie!
So as she is rolling out the crust I notice that her rolling pin is super squeaky. I asked her where she got it.....I come to find out that she got my grandma Gladys' rolling pin after she passed away. No fair. Where was I? Why can't I have her rolling pin? Do you know how much I would love, love, love, to have that? I stomped my foot once or twice and then my tantrum was over. It is pretty cool to have our grandma's rolling pin still rolling away in our family. Wonder how many pie crusts and cinnamon rolls that thing has rolled over?

We had to finish the blueberry custard pie first that was in the pie plate we needed.

Laura's hands....

my hands.

Laura makes the best cherry pie filling I have ever tasted. In the summer, she and a friend go picking cherries somewhere in town and then can them. Oh my, it is so good. WAY better than using the canned cherries from the store.

So, since I can't take ANY credit for this pie whatsoever, I will tell you that I did mix the crumble part for the top. I think I am going to top every single pie I make from now on with this. Oatmeal, brown sugar, flour and of course....butter = heaven.

The pie turned out so yummy! Thanks Laura for being my baking partner now for two weeks in a row! And I'm happy that you have grandma's rolling pin. Really, I am. You are an outstanding baker who knows a whole lot more than me!


Jenn said...

Ok Kristi, what is the recipe for your topping? The oatmeal, butter, brown sugar, yummy one!!! It looks SO GOOD!!!

Kari Lee said...

that looks so good and how fun to make it with your sis again. Was really missing NE this weekend! I need to tell Laura to send some of those canned cherries this way! ♥ sorry your children slept so crummy. That's the worst part about travelling, but it's usually worth it.

Aubrey said...


HangerMom said...

Oh wow. It's a cherry crisp, but with a pie crust on the sides and bottom! Brilliant. Your blog is going to be my new go-to site for dessert ideas when I need them.