apple pie

This Sunday's pie was apple.

Good ol' apple.

Apple was the first pie I ever made. She holds a special place in my heart. I wish you could smell the pictures....because it smelled all apple-lemon-cinnamonie in my kitchen this morning. It was delightful.

Thomas was the first to rise this morning. So he joined in on the pie making. He even made his own mini apple pie. I asked him that if God calls him to be a dad, would he make a pie every Sunday and call me and pop to come over to eat it. He said, sure. Thanks honey.

I love, love, love that I have all my pantry goods in these jars now. I think I'm up to fifteen of these babies.

It was such a beautiful evening tonight that we sat out on our porch and ate our pie. We needed to get out of the house for a few moments.....and escape the bedtime chaos going on inside. Just by sitting outside changed everyone's mood a bit. Watching Evelyn with her mouth wide open, waddling and swinging her arms back and forth, while moving from person to person snatching bites was enough to change my mood!!

And here she is coming downstairs this morning. She had slept with her baby in her crib and was carrying her again this morning. She stood right there for the longest time just frowning at us as we all were chanting our good mornings to her.

I'm guessing by the look she had on her face and the messy harido she was sporting, that she must have been up all night with a fussy newborn.


Lindsay said...

Evie makes me happy.

fullofgracex7 said...

I love the picture of TJ reading the paper beyond the pie. I would love to have your Sunday mornings...as always, you inspire me. :)

Sandra said...

Evelyn is really cute! You described her facial expression perfectly. It reminds me of Joachim; he often wakes up with that "face." :)

Laura said...

Love the new technique for your pie crusts!

Kari Lee said...

lovely, lovely. and the part about Evelyn looking like she was up all night with a fussy newborn...HILARIOUS!!!
I have to admit I've boughten a few jars.....they don't have anything in them yet...