Summer with the saints

There is a blog that I follow of a woman, who each summer hosts a Summer with the Saints. I've always thought what a fabulous and fun thing to do each week throughout the summer with my children. So, when Jillian mentioned at the end of the school year how she would love to do Summer with the Saints, I told her I'm in! We planned the whole thing together... a short lesson, a craft, a bookmark, and a snack that all centered around a different saint. We brought the idea up to our bible study and EVERYONE wanted to do it!!! Even with having it be 5 years and older, that equalled 24 of our children gathering together each Wednesday to learn about a different saint! Kim was so very kind to offer her backyard for us to meet at each week. She has the perfect set up, an area that is covered with ceiling fans and lights. THANK YOU KIM!

It was a super fun way for them to learn about eight different saints, make a craft, and eat a cool snack. I think I had more fun just watching all the children learn and be excited to come. I didn't really care if they learned anything or not, just the fact that they are forming friendships with good, virtuous children is what matters most to me!

I even heard a few say each week, this is the best day of my life. Wow. I guess Jillian and I accomplished our goal!!


CRAFT: decorated pots and planted basil
SNACK: goldfish crackers and gummy fish in blue jello

Legend has it that St. Anthony was preaching near a lake and all the fish came to the surface of the water and stuck out their heads to listen to him preach.

BLESSED IMELDA (I forgot my camera)

CRAFT: First Holy Communion picture frames
SNACK: host cookies (sugar cookies with a cross on them)


CRAFT: backpack chains
SNACK: edible crayons

We went with the school theme since she is started the first Catholic school in America.

This was my most fun snack to make and they were so yummy!!


SNACK: lamb cupcakes
CRAFT: hand print lamb ornaments


SNACK: trail mix
CRAFT: tee pees


CRAFT: candy cane ornaments
SNACK: hot chocolate with marshmallows, peppermint stick

Since her feast day is December 13th, we decided to have Christmas in July. The kids thought it was so cool to drink hot chocolate and candy canes. It was only 90 some degrees out.....

We even managed to sing some christmas songs!


SNACK: dragon cupcakes
CRAFT: jeweled swords

For a different approach in teaching the lesson, we tried the game of telephone. The kids made a huge line and we started by saying something about St. George. It was just cute to see them whispering in each others ear, especially the little ones!

We knew St. George would be a hit with them! Who doesn't love St. George and the Dragon? Swords....oh ya!


CRAFT: tool belts

SNACK: giant cookie from Eileens

They got to color a coloring sheet of the saint each week.

In honor of this being the last Summer with the Saints, Maria dressed up!

As we ended this last meeting we asked the kids if anyone wanted to come back next summer to learn about more saints. They all shouted YES!!

May God bless these dear little ones and keep them safe and close to HIM, protected from all evil and harm. And may Saints Anthony, Imelda, Elizabeth, Agnes, Kateri, Lucy, George, and Joseph all interceed for each one of them.

Thank you Jillian for all the time and effort you put into this and for having the desire to put such a beautiful, fun activity into action. I will always admire your creativity!!


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU both, a thousand times, thank you - for sharing your time and talent with our children. All of your efforts made a beautiful, beautiful Summer with the Saints.

I'm bummed that William (due to my forgetfulness, then illness and vacation) had to miss so many. Those dragon cupcakes look amazing.

All of it. Simply amazing.

Kari Lee said...

Kris - this is sooo cool - I wish I could've came and did all of the activities!!! Something to think about for next summer - I can already think of a few families here that would probably be interested! Thanks for sharing!!

Aubrey said...

Thank you so much for doing this for my children and for sharing the pictures! I wish I could have stayed for each lesson. You two are amazing. The kids had so much fun; they would come home and tell me what they learned about each saint, they were so excited about the crafts and about the snacks. Thank you, thank you!

fullofgracex7 said...

You are both absolutely amazing! What fun. You are a wonderful mom and your kids are lucky to have such a beautiful Christian example!

Sandra said...

Wow! That looks awesome. I would love to be a part of this next summer. Joseph and Elijah would love it! :) So if you do it again, count us in! God bless your family.